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Format the output to sent in Email

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Old 11-21-2011
Format the output to sent in Email


I have a script


# email addresses to send results to, separated by a space

SUBJECT="MySQL reporting "
mysql YYYYYYYY -e " select 100*sum(max_data_length) as disk_usage_pct from xxxxxx;" > /home/aaaa/usaage.txt

mysql ndbinfo -e "select node_id, memory_type, 100*used memory_usage_pct from xxxxx >> /home/aaaa/usaage.txt

mysql ndbinfo -e "SELECT node_id, 100*(page_requests_wait_io) as hit_ratio_pct FROM XXXX;" >> /home/aaaa/usaage.txt

/bin/mailx -s "$SUBJECT" "$EMAILS" < $DISK_DATA_USAGE


the output in the email is not formatted correctly

  node_id          memory_type            memory_usage_pct
  4          Data memory            96.4871
  4          Index memory            88.4126
  6          Data memory            96.6160
  6          Index memory            88.3879
  node_id          hit_ratio_pct
  4          97.9363
  6          98.0097

how do I correct the format of the output.

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Old 11-21-2011
mysql --help

MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: mysql Options

Are you looking for the -t option ?
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Old 11-21-2011
THe output in usaage.txt is in tabular format but when email is send than the format changes.
how do I change my code so that the format read from the usaage.txt is in tabular format when a email is sent.


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