finding date numeral from file and check the validity of date format

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Old 11-17-2011
finding date numeral from file and check the validity of date format

hi there

I have file names in different format as below


Now my this little piece of awk will give me only date from that file name

echo $name | awk -F"_" '{  for(i=1;i<=NF;++i) if($i ~ /[[:digit:]]/) print $i}'

if name is triss_20111117_fxcb.csv then o/p 20111117 which is perfect
if name is xpnl_hypo_reu_miplvdone_11-17-2011.csv then o/p is 11-17-2011.csv which is not perfect as .csv
if name is xpnl_hypo_reu_miplvdone_20111117xfb.csv then o/p is 20111117xfb.csv
if name is triss_fxcb_20111117.csv.checksum then o/p is 20111117.csv.checksum

question is how to remove .csv or any charcter from the o/p as I only need the date from the filename ?

and once I have the date in format like

how can i validate these date format are valid date. date can be in any of above form.
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Old 11-17-2011
awk -F[._] '{
  for(i=1;i<=NF;++i) {
      print $i
}' file

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Old 11-17-2011
If perl is ok, this is the equivalent for the dates:
 perl -n -e '/(\d+-*\d*-*\d*)/;print $1."\n";' file

And for the validation, you can star with:
#!/usr/bin/env ksh

validaF ()

echo "${fecha}"|perl -n -e '
   if ( m!^((?:19|20)\d\d)(0[1-9]|1[012])(0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])$!) {
      # $1 -> anyo  $2 -> mes , $3 -> dia
      if ($3 == 31 and ($2 == 4 or $2 == 6 or $2 == 9 or $2 == 11)) {
         print "0" ; # Meses con 30 dias
      elsif ($3 >= 30 and $2 == 2) {
         print "0" ; # Febrero nunca 30 o 31
      elsif ($2 == 2 and $3 == 29 and not ($1 % 4 == 0 and ($1 % 100 != 0 or $1 % 400 == 0))) {
         print "0" ; # 29 de Febrero cuando no es bisiesto
      else {
         print "Correct date !: $_ \n"; # Fecha valida
    else {
       print "KO: $_" ; # Sin formato de fecha

validaF 20110811
validaF 20110841

Of course you need to adapt the regex to match the rest of the date formats.
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Old 11-17-2011
thanks KlashXX and Franklin for your suggestion. but unfortunatley I can't use perl in my case .
and I found Frankling sugesstion working for all type of files .

By the mean time I tried below option

echo $name | awk -F'[^0-9]' '{  for(i=1;i<=NF;++i) if($i ~ /[[:digit:]]/) print $i}'

which is also works for almost all the conditions except if the filename is
xpnl_hypo_reu_miplvdone_11-17-2011.csv i.e if in any characters are in between then o/p is

can anyone suggest how to improve this liner.I don't care if any - removed between number but atleast it should be numeral in one line not line after another.

anyway can anyone suggest how to validate the date o/p please??
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Old 11-17-2011
awk -F'[^0-9-]' '{  for(i=1;i<=NF;++i) if($i ~ /[[:digit:]]/) print $i}'

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Old 11-17-2011
you are star man.
Now can you assist me how to validate those o/p as correct date format.
My date can be in anyform from the below .


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Old 11-17-2011
use printf instead of print

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