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how to fgrep -f two files and get only one instance of each matched line

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting how to fgrep -f two files and get only one instance of each matched line
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how to fgrep -f two files and get only one instance of each matched line


I have two files:

and not

fgrep -f file1 file2 gives me what I dont want


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at the cost of performance:

while read searchstring ; do grep -m 1 ${searchstring} file2 ; done < file1

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awk -F , 'NR==FNR{a[$1];next} $2 in a{print;delete a[$2]}' file1 file2

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Hi rdcwayx,
I think your solution is what I need however my lines are a bit more complicated than the example I gave and your solution is based on that which is my fault. But I was looking for something general and it seems like there is not something you can apply to everycase.

the expressions I want is more like this:

and I want what ever comes after the second equal sign before the last comma, in this case would be GG123.

Hi funksen,

I have thousands of lines not sure if while would be a good idea as you mentioned.

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Try with this ..
$ fgrep -f file1 file2 | nawk -F'[=,]' '!x[$4]++'

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Hi jayan jay,

this is the error I get when running your solutions:

user> fgrep -f not_upgraded_sites.txt not_upgraded.sel | nawk -F'[=,]' '!x[$4]++'
x[: Event not found.

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Pls try with double quotes ..

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