PERL : pattern matching a string stored in a variable

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PERL : pattern matching a string stored in a variable

I have two variables,

my $filename = "abc_yyyy_mm_dd.txt";
my $filename1 = " abc_2011_11_07.txt";

I need to perform some operations after checking if $filename has $filename1 in it

i have used the below code,

if($filename =~ /^$filename1/)

but this doesnt work.

Can somebody help with this.
Thanks in advance.
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if you want to compare the strings this may help you..

$filename = "abc_yyyy_mm_dd.txt";
$filename1 = "abc_2011_11_07.txt";
chomp $filename;
chomp $filename1;

if( $filename eq $filename1 )
print "same";

print "different"

# 3  
my $filename = "abc_yyyy_mm_dd.txt"; my $filename1 = " abc_2011_11_07.txt";

Originally Posted by irudayaraj
checking if $filename has $filename1 in it
But $filename does NOT have $filename1 in it.
I suggest you play with the =~ operator a little bit.

my $filename = "abc_yyyy_mm_dd.txt"; my $str = "yy_m";
if ($filename =~ $str) {
  print "Yess!\n"

will print Yess! because $filename contains "yy_m".
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