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validate number range

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validate number range


If I want to read user input and want to validate if it is a numeric number in some range of 1-100 what would be the best way?

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You need to tell us which shell and what system. But for ksh this should work

print -n "enter number - "
read val
if [[ $val -ge 1 && $val -le 100 ]] ; then
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I am using bourne shell. I used your script it works as long as I enter a number.

I want it to fail if I enter a string by mistake.

Thanks for your reply.

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print -n "enter number - "
read val

echo $val | grep "[a-zA-Z]"

if test $? -ge 1
   if [[ $val -ge 1 && $val -le 100 ]] ; then
     print "OK"
     print "NOT in 1-100 range"
  print "Not a number"


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A slight variation on bhargav's script to ensure that only numeric digits are passed, and symbols as well as letters are rejected....

echo "Enter number"
read val

if echo $val | egrep '^[0-9]+$' >/dev/null 2>&1
  if [ $val -ge 1 -a $val -le 100 ]; then
     echo "OK"
     echo "Out of range"
  echo "Not a number"

exit 0

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hi Zb and bhargav

Thanks a lot for your time. It was really useful.


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