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bash: <command nm> command not found

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting bash: <command nm> command not found
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bash: <command nm> command not found

I created a script that I need to run from time to time, but get this error message. To get it working again I run this command from time to time:
export PATH="$PATH:~/scripts"

I put all my automated scripts in the /scripts directory and would like to run my scripts from any directory location. Any advice would be appreciated.

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That need to be run by what, cron? ...
Why not set the path properly then?
How do you expect ~ if its not you launching the script
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Try /home/username/scripts instead of ~/scripts, it won't expand ~ in the middle of a string like that.
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Sorry I should have mentioned, I have 2 weeks experience with unix.

We run it manually, but maybe in the future would like to run some of my scripts using a cronjob.

Do I need to add my export line (/wo the ~) in my scripts to set the path in order for this to work? Thanks.
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The contents of your scripts don't define where they are, so setting PATH=... inside them doesn't help your shell find them.

You'd put it in your ~/.bashrc, which gets executed on login and updates PATH in your own shell. That way it can actually find your scripts.
# 6 it now.

Got it all working and I'm back in happyland.


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