Running the calling script/task as per day

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Running the calling script/task as per day

Hello all..
i have few task to do on specific day ar per weekday or weekend...
for example i have 3 tasks:

Now i need to create a shell script
If it is weekday it will change the status of these tasks as below
sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -s SUCCESS -J task1
sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -s SUCCESS -J task2
sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -s SUCCESS -J task3

and if it is weekend the task1,task2 and task3 should simply run

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ok..sure i will use the tags..

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can anybody suggest what can be done...

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Perhaps we need to know a little more...
a) Why "for example"?

b) What are these tasks ( or what do you call task)? Processes, programs? jobs?

c) You know our policy is more strict on what we expect from people posting in shell/programming... We expect to see something you started showing us you tried to do it, but cannot...

d) what does:
sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -s SUCCESS -J task1


So that we understand the difference between week and week-end

Only once all this is clear can we help you
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man crontab first

For example, you need run the scrip on weekday and have one hour gap between three tasks.

0 10 * * 1,2,3,4,5 sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -s SUCCESS -J task1
0 11 * * 1,2,3,4,5 sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -s SUCCESS -J task2
0 12 * * 1,2,3,4,5 sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -s SUCCESS -J task3

run on weekend
0 10 * * 6,7 task1;task2;task3

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its in cron...
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I might be wrong and sorry if am.

It looks like the current thread is similar to this thread -
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