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How to parse large numbers of shell scripts

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to parse large numbers of shell scripts
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How to parse large numbers of shell scripts

I am trying to parse hundreds of shell scripts to determine how they related to each other. Ideally for every script, I would get an output of:
  • What other scripts it calls
  • What files it reads
  • Environment variables it accesses

Any ideas on how to do this?

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Sounds like you would have to parse each script individually and then search the script for calls to other scripts. Definately a job for PERL. Can you give a sample of what you want. Are you searching a directory for scripts and parsing or the whole filesystem, or an inputted path? Maybe you give us a little more information.
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I have a CVS tree that has all the scripts in it, I simply want to have output like:
Script_Name        Calls Script        Reads File        Creates file
----------------------------------------------------------------------         datafile.out      sampleout.out                            output.out

For each script in the directory tree. That is, just parse the script and tell me what other scripts it calls, what files it reads, and what files it creates.


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