Command script to be run in both AIX and LINUX

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# 1  
Java Command script to be run in both AIX and LINUX


Script :
echo "\n\t\t\t\t Enter your Name : \c"
read name
I ran the script in LINUX 
Enter your Name : abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

I ran the script in AIX
Enter your Name : opqrstuvwxyz <

I'm not able to see the complete input in AIX .

Please let me know what is the settings that needs to be changed to see the complete input in AIX as well.

Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Video tutorial on how to use code tags in The UNIX and Linux Forums.
# 2  
ian12:/home/vbe $ uname;oslevel
ian12:/home/vbe $ ./00

                                 Enter your Name : sadjfsaljkhlkjhaljshflajhfjshalfhsdjhfaljh
ian12:/home/vbe $ more 00
echo "\n\t\t\t\t Enter your Name : \c"
read name
sleep 3
echo $name

# 3  
Maximize your terminal window and then execute.
Probably you want want to execute the command resize also!

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