SFTP-how to log individual sftp command error while executing shell script

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SFTP-how to log individual sftp command error while executing shell script

I have situation where i need to automate transferring 10000+ files using sftp.
while read line
   if [ -d "$line" ]; then
   echo "-mput /home/student/Desktop/folder/$line/* /cygdrive/e/folder/$line/">>sftpCommand.txt
done< files.txt
sftp -b sftpCommand.txt stu@

The above code executes each sftp command written to sftpCommand.txt.
If some error occurs while executing any sftp command,how do i log which individual sftp command(inside sftpCommand.txt) generated the error.
Please advice

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so why not tar these files into a .tar.gz file first, and sftp only one time?
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