How can i find a word inside a file from a directory and it's subdirectory ?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How can i find a word inside a file from a directory and it's subdirectory ?
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Old 10-09-2011
MySQL How can i find a word inside a file from a directory and it's subdirectory ?

Suppose i have a word "mail".
I have to search this word in all files inside a directory and it's sub-directories.

It will also search in all hidden directory and sub-directories.

If it finds this word in any file it will list that file.

How can i do this with perl/ruby/awk/sed/bash or using any command ?
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Old 10-09-2011
find /directory -type f -exec grep -l mail {} \;

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Old 10-09-2011
Or the more efficient:
find /directory -type f -exec grep -l mail {} +

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Old 10-09-2011
@jlliagre , @jim mcnamara,

Is it possible to get the same result with only grep command ?

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Originally Posted by jim mcnamara
find /directory -type f -exec grep -l mail {} \;

I tried that , but it did not print any filename .

But if i do
grep -lri "mail" .

It prints some filename.

Actually what i'm trying to do is to print those filename which file content the word "mail". That means if i do
cat filename | grep mail

I will get some lines.
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Old 10-09-2011
Here's what you want:
find ./ -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep -n "mail"

This code shows the file name and the line number where "mail" is found.
/home/unixuser/.gnupg/gpg.conf:102:# Example email keyserver:
/home/unixuser/.gnupg/gpg.conf:201:# photo-viewer "metamail -q -d -b -c %T -s 'KeyID 0x%k' -f GnuPG"

and if you want to match with just the word "mail", use this:
find ./ -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep -n " mail "

Note the spaces before and after mail within quotes. For case-insensitive search, add -i with grep:
find ./ -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep -in " mail "

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Old 10-09-2011
Check if your grep supports -r option, if so you can do it this way
grep -rli mail *

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Old 10-09-2011
Originally Posted by cola
I tried that , but it did not print any filename .
Hmm, that doesn't make sense. Try:
find . -type f -exec grep mail {} +

This does pretty much the same thing, just a simpler and cleaner way, as the convoluted alternative:
find ./ -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep ...

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