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Old 10-03-2011
nawk and regular expression

I have an input file which looks like the example below and I want to format it with 2 columns from the header based on the word "CUSIP" followed by a 9 digit string with first 3 being numeric and in the same line NNN.NN% pattern for the percentage value. (In RED)

I started of with nawk but with my limited knowledge of regex I am stuck any help would help.


input file


* *
* *
FOR CUSIP / DESCRIPTION: 11617N-CD-1 / CDFS1.1%081811 BE+#
| 101 |BANK OF NY| 111,000 |
| 111 |FRST CLEAR| 11,000 |
| 17 |JONES E D | 11,000 |
| 111 |JPMC CLEAR| 118,000 |
| 11 |MSSB | 11,000 |
| 116 |NFS LLC | 61,000 |
| 111 |PERSHING | 1,116,000 |
| 171 |SOUTHWEST | 111,000 |
|1111 |WFB/SAFEKP| 100,000 |

output file

Desired Output --- 2 new columns from header CUSIP# and %

| 101 |BANK OF NY| 111,000 |11617N-CD-1|1.1
| 111 |FRST CLEAR| 11,000 |11617N-CD-1|1.1
| 17 |JONES E D | 11,000 |11617N-CD-1|1.1
| 111 |JPMC CLEAR| 118,000 |11617N-CD-1|1.1
| 11 |MSSB | 11,000 |11617N-CD-1|1.1
| 116 |NFS LLC | 61,000 |11617N-CD-1|1.1
| 111 |PERSHING | 1,116,000 |11617N-CD-1|1.1
| 171 |SOUTHWEST | 111,000 |11617N-CD-1|1.1
|1111 |WFB/SAFEKP| 100,000 |11617N-CD-1|1.1

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Old 10-03-2011
Which parts of your solicitor mail file are actually in it? Put them in [code] tags so we can see.
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Old 10-03-2011
Done in RED
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Old 10-03-2011
I know which parts you want. I just don't know which of the junk is labels and which is actually in the file -- it's seemingly labelled twice, so at least one of them must be in the file, if not both...

If you use code tags instead of trying to label things ---------------------------like this---------------------- then the bounds of the file will be obvious. And, usefully, color tags like you've already used still work inside [code] tags.

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Old 10-03-2011
have added 2 tags SourceFile and Targetfile is that what I am supposed to do. Sorry it's my first day in this forum.

I just need help with this line

FOR CUSIP / DESCRIPTION: 11617N-CD-1 / CDFS1.1%081811 BE+#

how do I catch the pattern "CUSIP" followed by anything with 9 digits 1st 3 numbers
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Old 10-03-2011
That's... close enough, I guess Smilie Watch the video, it tells you what to do Smilie

Working on something.
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Old 10-03-2011
Will do after I get home ... no video streaming at client ... Thanks
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