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Old 10-01-2011
grep for pattern in filename

Hey guys,

here is my code:


 filter=('ubb' 'um2' 'uuu' 'uvv' 'uw1' 'uw2' 'uwh')
 let num=`ls -l | grep 'sk' | wc -l`
 read -a lines <<< `ls -l | grep 'sk' | awk '{print $8}'`

 let finum=${#fi[@]}

 for ((i=1;i<=$num;i++))


        for ((c=4;c<6;c++))

            for ((q=0;q<finum;q++)); do

            grep -q "${filter[$q]}" "${lines[$i-1]}" && fitemp="${filter[$q]}" || fitemp=0
            echo ${filter[$q]} ${lines[$i-1]}
            echo $c : $fitemp
            echo ''

            #uvotmaghist ${lines[$i-1]} $fitemp$c.fits $fitemp$c.gif CALDB CALDB CALDB src$c.reg bkg$c.reg



There is a file (sw000uw2_sk.img.gz) in the directory.
With the grep line I would like to choose that filter, which can be found in the filename (so the uw2 filter),
and then use it, but it gives accordance with the filters um2, uvv, uw1 as well.
I've tried other versions for that line, but I get the same results.
What do I miss?

Thanks for the help,
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Old 10-01-2011
 let finum=${#filter[@]}

that may be the issue... I didnt go thru the code though...

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Old 10-01-2011
Thanks, ahamed, but I just mistyped it.
However, if I write the filters this way:
filter=('ubb_sk' 'um2_sk' 'uuu_sk' 'uvv_sk' 'uw1_sk' 'uw2_sk' 'uwh_sk')

it works!
Anyway, it is still a mystery, why the previous version
does not work.

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