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Old 09-30-2011
Nested looping statements

I cannot get the code below to work correctly. The IF statement works just fine, but not the looping. The inner loop tries to find files for a given vendor; if found, I need to sleep giving another process time to move the files. Once the given vendor's files are gone, then I want to move on to the second vendor, and so forth. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? In simple terms, if vendor 1 has files, sleep until gone, then move to vendor 2, and proceed until all vendor directories have been checked.

Thank you very much.

Switch=’ ‘ 
while read -r vVendor vEnd
echo 'vVendor is = ' $vVendor
until [ switch='no' ]
    if [ -s     $CENTENE_CUSTEDI/vendors/vVendor/outbound/834/aui11273_FL.dat -o -s $CENTENE_CUSTEDI/vendors/  vVendor/outbound/834/chi11273_FL.dat ]; then
export switch='yes'
echo 'file found - this is bad'
sleep 10 
export switch='no'
echo 'file not found - this is good'
done < $CENTENE_TEMPDATA/felg834d_file_found1.dat 

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Old 09-30-2011
Try changing:
until [ ${switch} = 'no' ]

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