Help to hide shell terminal and run prompt program after ssh login for specified user

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Old 09-29-2011
Help to hide shell terminal and run prompt program after ssh login for specified user

Hey guys,

I have some task from my office to lock user on the specified directory after the user logged on using ssh. And then run prompt program to fill the required information. Yeah, just like an ATM system.

My question:
How could I do those?? AFAIK I have to edit the ~./bashrc. But the problem is it's only for several users.
And how to make an interactive shell prompt? Like an ATM prompt system.

Thanks for your attention.
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Old 09-29-2011
* write prompt program to fill the required information like a shell script or if your program already written with another language then try emulate your working enviroment.
* i assume you use a shell script then add the line ". $HOME/your_prompt_script" to your users's shell startup profile file (bash->. $HOME/.bash_profile , ksh -> $HOME/.profile ..... )
& maybe you must add "

" to your_prompt_script your script for restrict to interrupt before login to new can add other signals to trap command..

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