Problems with expect_out command

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Old 09-27-2011
Problems with expect_out command

expect "#"
        send "terminal-length 0\r"
        expect "#"
        send "show mp cpu\r"
        expect "#"
        send "show mp memory\r"
        expect "#"
        while {1} {
                expect "#"
                send "clear counters\r"
                sleep 30
                expect "#"
                send "show interface port $port1,$port2 interface-rate\r"
                set buff $expect_out(buffer)
                puts "Buff= $buff\n"
                set result [regexp {([UcastPkts:]+)[\t ]+([0-9]+)[\t ]+([0-9]+)} $buff match m1 m2 m3]
                puts "Result: $result Match: $match "

As you people can see in the above script I am trying to use Regexp to compare the output of a command before and after the triggers done on a switch. As per the script I want the output printed from the output of " show interface port $port1, $port2 interface-rate" but the regexp instead is matching the pattern from the previous command of " sh mp memory". I guess it is a problem with the buffer that I am using. Can anyone help solve my problem as to how to fix this problem so that I get the appropriate matching..

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