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Old 09-26-2011

Hi All,
I am very new to Shell scripting. I read basic scripting manual. But i didn't understand the code. Please tell the meaning of the below code:
    while getopts "F:f:R:r:C:c:" opt 2>/dev/null
        case ${opt} in
                F|f) FREQUENCY_MODE=$OPTARG;;
                R|r) REQ_NUM=$OPTARG;;
                C|c) COMMON_PROFILE=$OPTARG;;
                *) showUsage;
                exit $EXIT_INVOCATION_ERROR;;

Thanks in advance .................


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Old 09-26-2011
This is validating and storing the command line arguments to a script using the external program getopts

See this for a discussion on how it all works.
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Old 09-26-2011
Thanks for the quick reply.
I read the information "getopts" in the provied link.
But i didn't understand "opt 2>/dev/null" in the first line and "*) showUsage;" in the 7th line.
Please expain the overall one time.

Thanks in advance................

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Old 09-26-2011
opt 2>/dev/null this is just redirecting anything output to stderr (typically getopts will print some sort of message about illegal options eg "getopts: -i option unknown" to sterr). For example:
$ cat opt_eg
getopts p: opt 
echo opt is $opt
getopts p: opt 2> /dev/null
echo opt is still $opt
$ ./opt_eg -j
./opt_eg: illegal option -- j
opt is ?
opt is still ?

This program just throws away the error message from getopts and calls showUsage instead. There is a good chance that showUsage is an internal function to this script.

getopts sets $opt to ? if an invalid arugment is detected, the *) clause of the case statement picks up any value not matched by the other case clauses so it grabs ?, or any other value not listed above and calls showUsage.

The assumption is that showUsage would then exit (probably with some non-zero exit code) otherwise you will get usage output listed for every invalid option passed to the script.

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