Copy file to SD card from internal flash.

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Old 09-22-2011
Copy file to SD card from internal flash.


At first I have to say that I know nothing about Linux Smilie
But I am looking for solution how to copy one file from internal Lowrnace HDS flash memory.
Lowrance HDS is Linux based device.

Here is the link for firmware update files for this unit.

At the end of main firmware file there is shell script. (attched to this post)

In this script we can find path to config.ini file which is located in internal NAND flash chip of HDS device.

And my question is...

Is it possible to add some commands to the script to copy config.ini from internal flash into SD card?

I want to edit config.ini and copy it back to flash.

Please help.


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Old 09-22-2011
It's nice they bothered to document a bit about the environment in there, that helps.

It MIGHT be mounting the card already, I'm not sure. What directories/files are in the SD card right now? Is that where it holds charts?
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Old 09-22-2011
Firmware 2.5 for this unit contains (in root dir on SD):
file1: hds-
file 2: update.conf

and directory "MAPS"

Latest firmware (4.0) files:

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Old 09-22-2011
Hmm, getting closer. What filesystem is on the SD card?
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Old 09-22-2011
FAT or FAT32. It does not matter for unit.
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Old 09-22-2011
Dangit, it's not using the card in this script at all. I don't know what device it would be.

I should put a disclaimer in this post.

I can't guarantee I won't brick your fishfinder. Messing with embedded Linux isn't the same as desktop Linux, and embedded hardware is always a little hairy.

Now then... I don't know enough about your system to do what you want, but this script does have clear methods for sending messages to the screen if your device supports them. So my plan is to print a bunch of debugging info for you to read, then loop forever so that updates don't actually get installed. To kill this loop you may have to hard-power-off your device. Since many things in this script already demanded that I presume that's not a problem.

I've highlighted in red the code I'd like you to insert below some existing code.
splashy boot || true
# Some time (about 1 second) is needed to set up the splashy socket.  (Racy!)
sleep 1

# SECTION CORONA688 ADDED.  Prints stuff to screen, then hangs.
splashy_update "print 2011 fishing team"
sleep 10
splashy_update "print Dirs in /:  $(cd / ; ls)"
sleep 10
splashy_update "print Obvious disks: $(cd /dev ; ls [sh]d* || true)"
sleep 10
splashy_update "print block devs: $(cd /sys/class/block ; ls)"
sleep 10
splashy_update "print Mounted FSes: $(while read A B C D
        echo $A,$B,$C
done < /proc/mounts)"

sleep 30
splashy_update "print Goodbye."
while true ; do sleep 42d || true ; done

Come to think of it, I'll attach a file, since you shouldn't edit the file in Windows.
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Old 09-22-2011
Here's the updated script.

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