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Old 09-18-2011
HardLinks and Softlinks

How do i make a hardlink readable,writable, and executable by me?

I am kinda hoping for a command i can use

Also, i was wondering what file type are hardlinks and softlinks?Are they directories?
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Old 09-18-2011
ln -f <src> <dst>
chmod 744 <yourfile>

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Old 09-18-2011
thanks for the response but what is the <src> and <dst> mean. ln -f didnt work
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Old 09-18-2011
Lets say you want to create a hardlink from a source file located at /tmp/file to a destination of /var/file

#Create the hard link
ln -f /tmp/file /var/file

#Give the permission
chmod 755 /var/file

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Old 09-18-2011

A hard link can point only to a file and not to a directory, and only to a file existing on the same file system where the link itself is. 
A symbolic link, in contrast, can point to a file or a directory and can span across file systems. 
Furthermore, you cannot create a hard link for a non-existent file, whereas you can create a symbolic link for it. 
Links can be removed with the same rm command that is used to remove files.

to know how to use "ln" command do the below in your system:

man ln

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Old 09-18-2011
ok its starting to make sense......can i not just say the file name instead of the directory? and what permissions will it give me?
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Old 09-18-2011
you can control the permission by using "chmod" command , to create a soft link use "ln -s" command

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Creating Hard and Symbolic Links
To create a symbolic link or a hard link, you use the same command name, In, which has the following syntax:

In [-fns] <source> [<target>]

Hard link is the default output of the ln command-that is, if you issue the ln command without the - s option, a hard link will be created.

In this command, <source> is the original file and <target> is the link that will be created and linked to the <source>. The options for the command are listed here:

-f (force). Link the file without questioning the user.

-n. If the <target> is an existing file, do not overwrite the content of the file. The -f option overrides this option.

-s. Create a symbolic link. The default is a hard link.

The hard links and symbolic links are compared in Table 4-2 

Table 4-2: Comparison of hard and soft links  Characteristic
 Hard Link
 Soft Link
Existence of original file
 You cannot create a hard link to a file that does not exist.
 You can create a symbolic link to a file that does not exist.
File systems
 A hard link cannot span file systems-that is, the link and the file it points to have to be in the same file system.
 A soft link can span file systems.
Kind of original file
 A hard link can only point to a file that is not a directory.
 A soft link can point to a file or a directory.
 A hard link has the same inode number as the file it points to.
 A soft link has a different inode from the file it points to.

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