Output of matlab as a variable for shell script

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Old 09-17-2011
Output of matlab as a variable for shell script

I'm running a matlab code within a shell script. This is how I do it,

matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -nojvm -r "my_program;quit"

This works fine. My matlab code prints out a single number, say "ans = 10" for example. I want to assign this to a variable in the shell script.

I tried doing this
cmd=$(matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -nojvm -r "nc;quit")
echo $cmd

But this is not what I want because when you run matlab from the terminal it prints out not only the variable ans but also extra stuff like matlab version number etc.

I suppose rather than making matlab print to screen I could write to a file and have the script read from the file but is there any other way to do this?

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Old 09-17-2011
Can you post the output you are getting into $cmd variable and which part of it should be extracted?
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Old 09-17-2011
Output from matlab onto screen
 < M A T L A B (R) > Copyright 1984-2010 The MathWorks, Inc. Version (R2010a) 64-bit (glnxa64) February 5, 2010 To get started, type one of these: helpwin, helpdesk, ordemo. For product information, visit www.mathworks.com. >> ans = 226

I need the to assign the last number on this line (226 for this case) to a variable X for example.

I tried the following
cmd=`matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -nojvm -r "nc;quit"  | awk '{ print $NF }')`

But this gives
 > Inc. (glnxa64) 2010 demo. www.mathworks.com. >> = 226

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It appears that it's actually not a single line but multiple lines. I just the last field of the last line so I write

cmd=`matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -nojvm -r "nc;quit"  | awk '{ field=$NF }; END{ print field}'`

But this doesn't seem to print anything
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Old 09-17-2011
cmd=`matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -nojvm -r "nc;quit"  | awk -vRS="\x0" '{ print $NF }'`

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Old 09-17-2011
That also prints an empty line unfortunately.
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Old 09-17-2011
And this?
cmd=`matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -nojvm -r "nc;quit"  | perl -ln0e '/(\d+)\s+$/;print $1'`

This User Gave Thanks to bartus11 For This Post:
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Old 09-17-2011
Try this
cmd=`matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -nojvm -r "nc;quit" | awk -F"[ =]" '{print $NF}'`

bartus11's both solution worked for me though!


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Another one
cmd=`matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -nojvm -r "nc;quit" | sed 's/.*= \([0-9]*\)$/\1/g'`


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One more
cmd=`matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -nojvm -r "nc;quit" | cut -d= -f2 | sed 's/ //g'`

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