Open the file and edit/append the text

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Old 09-15-2011
Open the file and edit/append the text

Hi i have a file like this

mailboxnum 20
filename <to subsitute>
fileloaction /home/dd234/
filetype txt

in a directory i have set of files for ex:


in for loop i have to take this files and subsitute one by one

for i in `ls TT*`
<open the file>
<subsitute the filename value>
will some process based on the records in the file(executables pick the file and do some process)

Help me on this

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i searched he thread but didn't find clues ...
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Old 09-15-2011
That's a useless use of ls *. for file in `ls *`, when it works at all, has the same effect as for file in *.

for file in TT*
        exec 5<"$file" # Open the file
        read G MAILBOXNUM <&5
        read G FILENAME <&5
        read G FILELOCATION <&5
        read G FILETYPE <&5
        exec 5<&- # Close the file

        echo "Do something to ${FILELOCATION}/${FILENAME}.${FILETYPE}"

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