Problem assigning cmd output to variable then using in IF statement

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Old 09-15-2011
Originally Posted by dqrgk0
I appreciate the advice about the awk. In that case, I would prefer to understand and get the set -- to work.
It works like this:

# with a typed string
$ set -- a b c
$ echo $1
$ echo $2
$ echo $3

# with a variable
$ STR="abc def ghi"
$ set -- $STR
$ echo $1
$ echo $2
$ echo $3

# What set, and variable expansion in general, splits on is controlled by the special
# IFS variable.  By default, IFS is any whitespace.  If you change it, remember to put it
# back when you're done.
$ IFS="."
$ STR="W.Y.X"
$ set -- $STR
$ echo $1
$ echo $2
$ echo $3

# But this does NOT work, because no variable gets expanded.
$ IFS="."
$ set -- X.Y.Z
$ echo $1

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Old 09-16-2011

Hi Corona688,

I tried again to incorporate the set into my code (I wasn't understanding it very well), as I mentioned, various ways but it wasn't working. I was not typing the syntax correctly. But your explanation helped greatly. I'm good to go!

Thank you for everything!

This post can be resolved/closed...I'll try to figure out how to do that.
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