Create md5 sums and archive the resulting md5 files

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Old 09-11-2011
Create md5 sums and archive the resulting md5 files

Hello everyone,

I am looking to basically creating md5sum files for all iso files in a directory and archive the resulting md5 files into a single archive in that very same directory.
I worked out a clumsy solution such as:

#find files for which md5sum are to be created and store the resulting md5sum in a particular file
find ./ -name "*.iso" |
while read F
	G=$(echo "$F".md5 | sed 's/^..//')
	md5sum $F > $G

#create the tar archive with the new created md5 files
tar -cvf archive.tar *.md5

#remvove the md5 files
rm *.md5

but I am not satisfied by the result since:
1- it actually writes the temporary md5 files that I need to remove after the archive is done
2- it is clumsy

I feel that this whole thing can be wrapped in a single line command, but fail to see how to do.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Old 09-11-2011
If you want to keep md5sum-s in separate files then there is no better way. But maybe it is enough:
find -name '*.iso' | xargs md5sum >md5list.txt

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