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Old 09-08-2011
this should work also:

printf '(%s)\n' $(printf "'%s'\n" $(<infile) | paste -sd, -)

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Old 09-08-2011
I guess the OS, I am using is AIX.... (result from 'uname -a' command)
perl -nle'push @_, $_;
  print "(", (join ",", map "\47$_\47", @_,), ")" 
    if eof
  ' infile

The above code worked for me Smilie

Thanks a lot

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Old 09-08-2011
It is missing a '-' as a parameter to "paste":
Originally Posted by radoulov
Try this:
printf '(%s)\n' $(printf "'%s'\n" $(<infile) | paste -s -d, -)

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Old 09-09-2011
Originally Posted by Shell_Life
It is missing a '-' as a parameter to "paste":
Most paste implementations that I know read from stdin by default when no arguments are supplied.

And yes, that's not the case with paste on FreeBSD, for instance.
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Old 09-09-2011
Just another solution using AWK

awk '{x=x"!"$0} END{sub(/^!/,"(\47",x);sub(/$/,"\47)",x);gsub(/!/,"\47, \47",x);print x}' infile

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