use variable to set the range of a for loop

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Old 09-07-2011
use variable to set the range of a for loop

For sure there's an easy answer to this one that I am not finding..

I first set a variable, say

b1a:] max=5

then I want to use max to set the range for a for loop like so (it should run for i in 1:5)

b1a:] for i in {1..$max}; do echo $i; done

I would like the output to match this:

b1a:] for i in {1..5}; do echo $i; done

Any ideas?

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Old 09-07-2011
How about this:

#!/usr/bin/env ksh

for (( i=1; i < $x; i++ ))
   echo $i

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Old 09-07-2011
max=5; for i in `eval echo {1..$max}`; do echo $i; done

max=5; for i in $(seq 1 $max); do echo $i; done

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