awk work with time change in csv file

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Old 09-05-2011
awk work with time change in csv file


i have csv input file looks like below

3rd field is date and time field i want to change it with user supplied date and time says

when count is say 10 then first ten records should pick and it should increment the second fields by 1 for each record. if user suplies count = 61
then second should increment upto 59 then minute should increment and second again should with 01.

HTML Code:
Event: "07709367129","12","2008/05/12-03-15-00.00",,"GBP",,,,,,,,"07709367129","000000000001234","0","100C",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"822",,"Rj-aZlKEwBkAAADPAAAAIgACh1YAAAAA~2",,,
Event: "07709367129","12","2008/05/12-03-30-00.00",,"GBP",,,,,,,,"07709367129","07852306109","0","100C",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"822",,"Rj-aiFKEwBkAAADPAAAAHgAChf8AAAAA~2",,,"00:

outut should look like below

Event: "07709367129","12","2011/09/05-11-00-00.00",,"GBP",,,,,,,,"07709367129","000000000001234","0","100C",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"822",,"Rj-aZlKEwBkAAADPAAAAIgACh1YAAAAA~2",,,
Event: "07709367129","12","2011/09/05-11-00-01.00",,"GBP",,,,,,,,"07709367129","07852306109","0","100C",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"822",,"Rj-aiFKEwBkAAADPAAAAHgAChf8AAAAA~2",,,"00:

if count is given 61 then

it should pick 61 records from file minute should start with 00 and second with 00 , 01 ..... 59 then minute should increment to 01:00 for 60 th record and 01:01 for 61 st

i have written awk code its not working as expected.

rm -f tt.tmp



awk ' BEGIN { FS=OFS="," } { x=$count ; for( i = 0; i <= x; i++ ) {$3="'$com'""'$min-'""$i"":00"
  print $0}}' tt >> tt.tmp

any rectification or any other thought ?


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Old 09-05-2011
try this .. change the count value as needed ..
$ cat filename
year=2011; month=09; day=05; hour=11; count=2; min=00; dummy=0
sed -n "1,${count}p" inputfile | nawk -F, '{$3 = ""; print}' > temp.txt
awk '{$1 = ""; $2 = ""; $3 = ""; print }' temp.txt > temp1.txt
awk '{print $1,$2,$3}' temp.txt > temp2.txt
for (( c=$dummy; c<$count; c++ ))
        echo "\"$year/$month/$day-$hour-$min-$c-00\"" >> loop_content
        if [ "$c" -gt 58 ]; then
        count=`expr $count - 59`
        min=`expr $min + 1`
        echo "\"$year/$month/$day-$hour-$min-$c-00\"" >> loop_content
paste -d, temp2.txt loop_content temp1.txt | sed 's, ,\,,g'
rm temp2.txt temp1.txt temp.txt loop_content
$ bash filename

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Old 09-06-2011
Thanks jayan its working with little modification thanks lot !
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