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Old 08-31-2011
Question ftp multiple files at the same time

Hi All,

I am using ncftpput in one of my c-shell script to upload files to a remote location. The source files keep coming continuosly and to upload each file ncftpput opens a new connection everytime. It means ncftp uploads the file1 than file2 than file3 .... There is gap 20-25 secs between each of the files and some times when its a peak time the backlog is getting too much high approx 100 source file Smilie
I have seen a project called filezilla, where you have the option to choose multiple files and its starts processing almost 2-3 files at a time. Its a great time saving tool, but I am unable to find that for AIX and there is no command line like ncftp Smilie.
Could any one among you may able to give me a hand please ?

Regards - Sraj
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Old 08-31-2011
Looking at ncftp's man page, it seems to support what you want already.

ncftpput [options] remote-host remote-directory local-files...

See the plural.

As for how to incorporate that into your script, that depends on how your script works, can we see it?
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Old 09-01-2011
ftp multiple files at the same time

Hi Corno,
Here is the one line code with output....

ncftpput -A -u <usname> -p <pwd> <> /remote_dir *

anandv.txt:                                             21.72 kB   10.79 kB/s
arorapoly.txt:                                          10.90 kB    5.37 kB/s
asian.txt:                                               2.85 kB    2.99 kB/s
asr4.txt:                                                4.62 kB    3.58 kB/s
avihar.txt:                                             25.67 kB    6.17 kB/s
beawer.txt:                                              3.97 kB    3.12 kB/s
bhatinda4.txt:                                           9.66 kB    5.43 kB/s
bikaner5.txt:                                            9.52 kB    5.13 kB/s
crpark.txt:                                             13.31 kB    7.49 kB/s
defence.txt:                                            24.14 kB   12.53 kB/s
dlf1.txt:                                                6.99 kB    4.62 kB/s
durgap.txt:                                             19.30 kB    9.75 kB/s
dwarka3.txt:                                            11.82 kB    7.38 kB/s
dwarka6.txt:                                           255.35 kB   65.93 kB/s
farid21.txt:                                             2.52 kB    2.62 kB/s
faridabad.txt:                                           5.20 kB    3.83 kB/s
faridkot2.txt:                                           8.95 kB    5.78 kB/s
farukh.txt:                                             12.12 kB    6.71 kB/s
ganga4.txt:                                              4.47 kB    3.45 kB/s
ggn2.txt:                                              145.24 kB   44.80 kB/s
ggncolumb.txt:                                           8.37 kB    6.55 kB/s
gnoida.txt:                                             10.67 kB    2.98 kB/s
greenp.txt:                                             20.84 kB    9.88 kB/s
hamirpur.txt:                                            2.05 kB    1.87 kB/s
hpur3.txt:                                              11.61 kB    6.11 kB/s
indira2.txt:                                            51.92 kB   22.35 kB/s
indore2.txt:                                             6.19 kB    1.74 kB/s
jabal4.txt:                                              9.60 kB    2.69 kB/s
jagraon.txt:                                            17.64 kB    9.22 kB/s
jangpurab.txt:                                          15.10 kB    8.65 kB/s
jlndr1.txt:                                              4.49 kB    3.21 kB/s
kakinada.txt:                      ETA:   0:00    4.00/ 10.52 kB  799.84 kB/s

ncftp is capable to upload one file at a time here. Could you help me to understand how it can make a thread.


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Old 09-01-2011
Oh, you want to open dozens or hundreds of network connections simultaneously. Not usually a good idea. Too many connections can overwhelm a router, and the host you're uploading to might even consider it an attack.

Do you have ssh access to the machine? Can you upload an archive of some sort and unpack it there? Uploading one big file would avoid some overhead.
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Old 09-01-2011
Can You pack the files? Simple tar with no compression should be sufficient. Than You would have to send one file instead of "many".
Besides, most ftp configurations doesn't allow more that 2-5 connections for the same user/IP/whatever.
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Old 09-01-2011
Thanks both Sulti and Corona,

No, I don't wat want to open tons of connections, but 2-3 threads would definately be ok. in my script a while loop continusly monitor the source forder. When a file arrives in the folder the program hand ot over to ncftpput. So any mechanism to open at least 2-3 thread would be ok any how.

Any comments please ?


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Is there any body else to know the solution ?

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Old 09-01-2011
You could invoke ncftpput as a background process and start multiple sessions within your while-loop.
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