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Old 08-29-2011
You have a space at the end of the lines, remove the '$' sign after UNION ALL:
awk -v q="'" '/UNION ALL/{
  gsub("@@",q); if(s)print s; s=$0; f=1; next}
  sub(" UNION ALL",x,s) ;print s;f=0; s=""
1' file

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Old 08-29-2011
The "awk" solution will delete the last line for the input:
select xxxx, yyyyyy from temp with ur ;
( select ----------- where OPERATION = '5' and OBJECTTYPE = 'P' and start_time desc ) UNION ALL
( select ----------- where OPERATION = '6' and OBJECTTYPE = 'P' and start_time desc ) UNION ALL
( select ----------- where OPERATION = '7' and OBJECTTYPE = 'P' and start_time desc ) UNION ALL )

The following code will remove the last occurrence of "UNION ALL":
while read mLine; do
  mCnt=$(echo ${mLine} | egrep -c "${mUA}")
  if [[ "${mCnt}" = "0" ]]; then
  if [[ "${mFound}" = "N" ]]; then
    if [[ "${mLastFound}" = "Y" ]]; then
      mLast=$(echo ${mLast} | sed "s/${mUA}//")
  if [[ "${mLast}" != "FIRST" ]]; then
    echo ${mLast}
done < Input_File
if [[ "${mLast}" != "FIRST" ]]; then
  if [[ "${mLastFound}" = "Y" ]]; then
    mLast=$(echo ${mLast} | sed "s/${mUA}//")
  echo ${mLast}

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Old 08-29-2011
 $(cat file);echo $data | rev | sed "s/LLA NOINU//;s/@@/\'/g" | rev

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