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configure from address in mailx command

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting configure from address in mailx command
# 1  
Old 08-25-2011
configure from address in mailx command


I need to configure customized from address in mailx command.
Can you pls tell me the option for configuring from address.

# 2  
Old 08-25-2011
check -r option
# 3  
Old 08-25-2011
check this

It can be done using

echo "testing 1 2 3 " | mailx -s "subject" -r <sender_mailid> <receiver_mailid>

# 4  
Old 08-25-2011
i'm using linux - bash shell,
in mailx man page, i couldn't seen the -r option itself.

can you please tell me any other option is there to resolve it.

thanks in advance
# 5  
Old 08-25-2011
check whether you have sendmail command
# 6  
Old 08-25-2011
yes , sendmail is there.

Is there no way to configure sender address in bash mailx?
# 7  
Old 08-25-2011
did u get any error if u use -r ?

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