Need Fix in Exporting a db2 query output

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Old 08-25-2011
Need Fix in Exporting a db2 query output

When I use export for sql query in a Script :

Select '1',ModHist',count(*) from cc.mdhist;

it was exporting the record to a file as:

"1"  "ModHist"  778201

Here 1 & ModHist are coming in Doublequotes.

If I run the above query directly in Unix prompt it was displaying the output as actually I required:

$ db2 -x "Select '1','ModHist',count(*) from cc.mdhist"

1  ModHist  778201

How to overcome this?

Will the second query can be direcly pasted in Script and can I redirect the o/p (like Append ">>") ? If so how?

Also I need output with tab spaces, because further I have to process this file based on fields.


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Old 08-27-2011
db2 -r /tmp/output.file -x "..."

if you want to parse the output i would use db2 export and then parse the comma delimited file.
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