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Old 08-24-2011
Find file only from a Directory


I am using the below query to find files from a Directory:


Files in the Directory:


The SOURCE_DIR has subdirectory....

when i use the below command...

find /apps/informatica/node1/scripts/test '(' -name '*.log' -o -name '*.out' ')'

Its displaying the files from SOURCE_DIR along with files from SubDirectory.

My requirement is i want only files from SOURCE_DIR not the Sub direcotry files..

Thanks in advance
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Old 08-24-2011
Since you're on Linux, just add -maxdepth 1 before the '('
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Old 08-24-2011
find takes an argument -maxdepth. Here is what the manpage says about maxdepth:
-maxdepth levels
Descend at most levels (a non-negative integer) levels of directories below the command line arguments. -maxdepth 0
means only apply the tests and actions to the command line arguments.
So, you can use -maxdepth 1 as an additional arg to you find command.

- GP
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Old 08-24-2011
Originally Posted by g.pi
find takes an argument -maxdepth.
That option's specific to GNU find, usually only available in Linux
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Old 08-24-2011
Thanks Corona688....It worked....
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Old 08-24-2011
@Carona688, thanks for pointing that out. Never having used it before, I assumed that -depth works similarly on Unix. Just found out, otherwise. So how would one go about doing something similar in, say, HP-UX?
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Old 08-24-2011
Touchy fiddling with the -prune option, perhaps. I have yet to manage a 1:1 equivalent.

You find this sort of thing all the time in UNIX vs Linux utilities. Small little GNU extensions to utilities for pretty obvious features that the UNIX standard doesn't cover, often bafflingly difficult to replace. The -d option to GNU date, which prints whatever date you tell it to, in particular is badly missed...

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