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Old 08-22-2011
Script problem

I am trying to install fortran program,with one script!
Part of
the script:
cp ../useful_tools/cleanfast.csh .

touch nowrite
rm log.file

$EXEDIR/velbuild < v0.rsp
cp vel.mod vel0

$EXEDIR/smodel < s0.rsp 

numc=`expr $numi`

while [ $numc -gt 0 ]

   it0=`expr $numi - $numc`
   it1=`expr $numi - $numc + 1`

   num=`expr $numl`
   while [ $num -gt 0 ]
      cp vel$it0 vel.mod

      $EXEDIR/zero < zero1.rsp 

      $EXEDIR/smodel < s.rsp 

      rm *.values

Is it bash script?
What does command touch means?
What does
$EXEDIR/nfd means?
Sending nfd to EXEDIR?
nfd is exe file.

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Old 08-22-2011
Is it bash script?
It could be interpreted by the bash shell.

What does command touch means?
Change the timestamp of a file or if it doesn't exist, create an empty file with the current timestamp.

What does $EXEDIR/nfd means?
At the beginning of the snippet it defines a variable named

So, the intention is to be expanded by the shell as

Sending nfd to EXEDIR?
nfd is exe file.

Execute whatever ../bin/nfd is.
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