comparing column of two different files and print the column from in order of 2nd file

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting comparing column of two different files and print the column from in order of 2nd file
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Old 08-24-2011
kudos to u bartus Smilie....
u caught it and I got it.....Smilie

my second file was having one extra blank row at the last line.

I corrected it.....and now getting the perfect result.....Smilie
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DB2_FIELD_NAME(3)							 1							 DB2_FIELD_NAME(3)

db2_field_name - Returns the name of the column in the result set

string db2_field_name (resource $stmt, mixed $column) DESCRIPTION
Returns the name of the specified column in the result set. PARAMETERS
o $stmt - Specifies a statement resource containing a result set. o $column - Specifies the column in the result set. This can either be an integer representing the 0-indexed position of the column, or a string containing the name of the column. RETURN VALUES
Returns a string containing the name of the specified column. If the specified column does not exist in the result set, db2_field_name(3) returns FALSE. SEE ALSO
db2_field_display_size(3), db2_field_num(3), db2_field_precision(3), db2_field_scale(3), db2_field_type(3), db2_field_width(3). PHP Documentation Group DB2_FIELD_NAME(3)