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Old 08-18-2011
parse output line using bash

i have the followiing scenario where by i am parsing teh following output using cut -d

like so
[colname]            |
code   |
name    |
amount         |"

col1= $output | cut -d'|' -f5 
col2= $output | cut -d'|' -f6
col3= $output | cut -d'|' -f7

echo " code = $col1"
echo " name =$col2"
echo " amount=$col3"

expected output would be

but not getting this any one know why?
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Old 08-18-2011
See if this works for you:
col1=$(echo $output | cut -d'|' -f5)
col2=$(echo $output | cut -d'|' -f6)
col3=$(echo $output | cut -d'|' -f7)

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