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Old 08-15-2011
ssh commands in Perl

I'm new to perl. I have a input file with pipe delimited lines which have server_name, and file names as fields. The file names have wild card (*) in the input feed file.
The actual file names will be suffixed with timestamps.

Ex: Actual files in remote servers

Ex: Input feed file

I'm trying to ssh to the remote servers and read the file and capture the timestamps of the 'latest' file (in this case server_1/abc_20110803.txt and server_2/xyz_20110802.dat).
ssh keys to all the remote servers are already setup so that we don't need to pass user id and passwords.

I'm able to do this if the files exists in the same server using the following:

my @list_files = map { chomp; $_ } (`ls -t $wild_f_nme`);
my $f_nme=$list_files[0];
my ($accesstime, $modtime, $createtime, $fsize) = (stat($f_nme))[8,9,10,7];

How would I do this to check the time stamps of files in remote servers. I need to initiate ssh connection for each of the servers.

FYI - I'm unable to (cannot) install any modules (like Net::OpenSSH).
Can we accomplish this with using something like ?

my @list_files = map { chomp; $_ } (`qx/ssh $serv_nme ls -t $d_loc/$wild_f_nme`);

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Any insights please?

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Old 08-15-2011

No idea of 'ssh' but:

1.- Do you know how to solve your problem using the module 'Net::OpenSSH'? Why cannot install it?
2.- Does next instruction works from command line? What is the output?
ssh $serv_nme ls -t $d_loc/$wild_f_nme

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Old 08-15-2011
ssh $serv_nme ls -t $d_loc/$wild_f_nme

the above command give me the file listings from the remote server just like any ssh command from the command prompt.
Question is how to capture the file stats of files in remote machines through perl script.

The reason I don't want (cannot) install new module is the compatability in higher environments and also migration issues.
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Old 08-15-2011
redirect it into a file, open the file?
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