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Old 08-12-2011
search pattern that has spaces with nawk

Hi guys,

I need a help ! I need do grab some string from file and then count n lines after that pattern. This is working fine, but my problem is that the string to be searched has spaces within, like an example :


what I am using is:
nawk 'c-->0;$0~\s\{if(b)for(c=b+1;c>1;c--)print r[(NR-c+1)%b];\
print;c=a}b{r[NR%b]=$0}' b=0 a=1 s="LINK [2] COUNTERS"  <file>

but the match do not work !!! Can someone help me ?

Thanks !!!!Smilie

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Old 08-12-2011
robdcb, I am really having a hard time following the code you pasted; so I am not clear what the intent here is. I was able to do something similar to your description using the following code. Hope this helps.
BEGIN { b=0 }
    if ($0 ~ /LINK \[2\] COUNTERS/)

    #    After the line matching the pattern is found,
    #    print upto 2 lines following the matching line.

    if (a == 1 && b >= 1 && b < 3)
        print b ":" $0


You would need to copy these lines into a file and run it with the -f option, BTW.
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Old 08-12-2011

Use 'grep':
$ cat infile
$ grep -A 3 -F "LINK [2] COUNTERS" infile

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