Use Unix shell script to open Windows command prompt (cmd)

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Use Unix shell script to open Windows command prompt (cmd)

I work on Windows and I use Putty to access a remote UNIX server.
I am trying to build a shell script that will have as main task to open the
Windows command prompt (cmd) and run some Windows commands thereafter. The commands are actually file transfer commands that will download a file from the Unix server onto my local computer (Windows). I will specify all the commands within a text file and will pass that file
when calling the Windows command prompt so that they are then executed.

The challenge is how to call a Windows program (i.e. command prompt here) using Unix shell script!!!

The commands for the file transfer are working well, already tested. I'm using WinSCP. But the big thing as said is that I shall initiate that call from Unix (shell script).

Please help!
Any idea?

Thanks in advance.
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Easyest might be to install something like sshd on that windows box, establish passwordless key authentication (exchange keys) and issue some simple ssh commando from the Unix box on the Windows box.

But then you could also just issue a scp from the Unix box towards the Windows box(?).
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I tried to use the "scp" command but it failed. I think I have a problem specifying the Windows directory where the file needs to be downloaded. I have specified the directory directly as "D:\". Apparently it is searching for the address of my machine. But this would be a problem because I need a dynamic solution since files will be downloaded to many different machines.

PHP Code:
sshDno address associated with name
lost connection 
Any idea on how to proceed?
# 4  
You can also share the windows folder, and use smbclient.
It should be avalible on any unix flavor with samba installed.

Check link down :
The part that says : Programming with smbclient
# 5  
Thanks, but I have the restriction to do it by shell script.
The file transfer is only done when a user triggers a button on the desired file.
Once the initiation is made, the file should be transferred to his local machine (Windows).
# 6  
Not exactly what you want but...I did this by installing an ftp server on my windows machine. After that you can easily put the files on to the windows machine from the unix server.
# 7  
scp will only work, if there is an sshd (ssh-daemon) running on the target host. By default, windows doesn't bring a running ssh-daemon, as far as I know which means, you'd have to install and activate one.

A usual basic ssh invocation would be:
ssh bill@windowshost5

When sshd is up and running, ssh, scp and sftp can be used. They all use sshd.

If no keys are set up sshd would ask you for bill's password who must be an account that exists on the windows box of course.
If there would have been set up passwordless key authentication between them, you wouldn't even have to enter a password, as the name says.
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