How to echo columns with consistent spacing?

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Old 08-08-2011
How to echo columns with consistent spacing?

for (.....)

 echo -e "$Name   | $Age          | $Sex\t|$Grade\t\t"


John    |12       |Male           |6th
Jack    |15       |Male           |8th
Zachary    |15       |Male             |9th

I want the lines to line up...but it's out of line when the name is long
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Old 08-08-2011
Sample input file:
$ cat file
abc 26 10000
efghij 27 100

Formatted output:
$ while read a b c
> do
> printf "%-10s %2d %-5d\n" $a $b $c
> done < file
abc        26 10000
efghij     27 100

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Old 08-09-2011

See for a discussion of tool align ... cheers, drl
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