awk print non matching lines based on column

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Old 08-08-2011
awk print non matching lines based on column

My item was not answered on previous thread as code given did not work

I wanted to print records from file2 where comparing column 1 and 16 for both files find rows where column 16 in file 1 does not match column 16 in file 2

Here was CODE give to issue

~/$ cat f1
~/$ cat f2
~/$ awk -F~ 'NR==FNR{A[NR]=$1$16;next}$1$16!=A[FNR]' f1 f2

I also tried to hunt for another solution and found something that would give me the matching rows but could not find the opposite.

awk -F"~" 'FILENAME=="f1"{A[$1$16]=$1$16} FILENAME=="f2"{if(A[$1$16]){print}}' f1 f2

Please assist in tweaking either code to have it work

Thank you

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