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Old 08-05-2011
based on range assign a value


I have a file with multiple columns of which the first two columns are like

a1_144601_144650    ABC_yellow_144608_16785 
a1_144651_144700     ABC_yellow_144608_16785
a1_144701_144751     ABC_yellow_144608_16785

So Based on column 1 (red values) I need to check if its falling in the range of green values of column 2. If it falls assign a value of true, if not false in 3rd column


a1_144601_144650    ABC_yellow_144608_16785      false
a1_144651_144700     ABC_yellow_144608_16785                true
a1_144701_144751     ABC_yellow_144608_16785                true

I tried to do it in perl but I am stuck at checking the ranges.

Can I do this in awk?

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Old 08-05-2011
Question Are you missing a digit?

a1_144601_144650    ABC_yellow_144608_16785 
a1_144651_144700     ABC_yellow_144608_16785
a1_144701_144751     ABC_yellow_144608_16785

ok, 144601 is less than 144608, so false
but, 144651 is more than 144608 but less than 16785
OR... is that supposed to be 167850?
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Old 08-05-2011
144601 is less than 144608, so false
144651 is more than 144608 but less than 16785 (its still falling in between the range of 144608_15785) so it should be true.

As long as the red value in the column 1 falls between the green values range in column 2 it should be true, if not assign false.

Hope this helps.

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Old 08-05-2011
I am not sure about awk.It can be done easily in Perl.
use File::Copy;
foreach $dd(@aaa)
$dd =~ /a1_(\d*?)_.*?ABC_yellow_(\d*?)_(\d*)/;
if ( $1>$2  && $1<$3 )
	print FH1 "$&"."  "."true"."\n";
	print FH1 "$&"."  "."false"."\n";

Use this file it works.
a1_144600_144650    ABC_yellow_144608_167850  false
a1_144651_144700     ABC_yellow_144608_167850  true
a1_144701_144751     ABC_yellow_144608_167850  true

You can also refer to the blogspot: for perl solutions

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