BASH weird acting: unquoted parameter accepted as quoted one !

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Old 08-02-2011
BASH weird acting: unquoted parameter accepted as quoted one !

In one session I have strange behavior of the bash-shell:
SDX-Q> echo ">$ss<"  #this is just to present the $ss var:
>   lll    kkk  <
SDX-Q>  # more obviose:
SDX-Q> od -cb <<<"$ss"
0000000               l   l   l                   k   k   k          \n
         040 040 040 154 154 154 040 040 040 040 153 153 153 040 040 012
SDX-Q> # now the strange acting:
SDX-Q> echo $ss
   lll    kkk
SDX-Q> # but, it should be : "lll kkk"; To show all spaces printed out:
SDX-Q> echo $ss | tr ' ' '.'
SDX-Q> # something strange with arrays:
SDX-Q> set -- "  aaa  " bbb     cccc   last   $ss
SDX-Q> echo "$*"
  aaa  ~bbb~cccc~last~   lll    kkk
SDX-Q> # The '~' are not understandable there and, again, 
SDX-Q> # the $ss should not be accepted with spaces!
SDX-Q> echo $*
  aaa   bbb cccc last    lll    kkk
SDX-Q> # that is fine, besides, again, the variable $ss 
SDX-Q> printf "%s\n" "$*"
  aaa  ~bbb~cccc~last~   lll    kkk
SDX-Q> # The same  for array ...
SDX-Q> printf "%s\n" $*
   lll    kkk
SDX-Q> # that is fine, besides the $ss

So, the main problem is getting a variable as one unit, while it is frequently expected interpolation to pieces.

Could anyone explain what is happened in that session?
Is it possible to make shell acting that way explicitely and, of couse, restore to regular processing way?

Other sessions behaive as expected.
If I start a 'bash' in that one, everything is as expected again.
That way it is not related to the connecting soft: I use PuTTY, btw.
And my OS is SUN Solaris, if that make any difference.

(If anything would be need to be tested, let me know: I keep the session opened.)
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Old 08-02-2011
Only two things I can suggest:
1. IFS variable was changed somehow.
2. It's zsh shell.
This User Gave Thanks to yazu For This Post:
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Old 08-02-2011
Originally Posted by yazu
Only two things I can suggest:
1. IFS variable was changed somehow.
- damn!!, you right!!

It is: the $IFS='~'
That why it separate the array's element with ~

You genius!

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Old 08-02-2011
"$@" would ignore that anyway if you need to use IFS for something else.
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