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Old 07-28-2011
"Powerful" search tool

Hey guys I got this set of data in my text file.
What I want the user to do is to just enter any keyword in the search input which will enables him to find the specific letter.

file.txt contains.. Which splits into 5 fields.

Sample A - Apple:Sheryl:500:10:10
Test B - Oxy:Alan:250:99:2
Sample C - Car:Lee30:10:2

awk -F: -vOFS=", " -vt="$fieldA:$fieldB" '$0~t{$3="$"$3;print}' file.txt

I used the code above, however I can only type the exact name contain from the first and the second field.
I trying to make the search powerful like for example.
I type in fieldA: Sample Apple
The Sample A - Apple:Sheryl:500:10:10 will be displayed to the user. Issit possible to that?
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Old 07-28-2011
If you want to do it with one variable, try this out:

awk -F: -vOFS=", " -vt="$fieldA" '
BEGIN{n=split(t,words," ")}  #split fieldA into words
   if($0 !~ words[i])  #check if all words match the line
}' file.txt

It will match for multi-word string $fieldA anywhere in the line, using logical AND, e.i. all words must match the line:
$ fieldA="Sample"
$ awk -F: -vOFS=", " -vt="$fieldA" 'BEGIN{n=split(t,words," ")}{flag=1; for(i=1;i<=n;i++)if($0 !~ words[i]){flag=0}; if(flag){ $3="$"$3;print}}' file.txt
Sample A - Apple, Sheryl, $500, 10, 10
 Sample C - Car, Lee30, $10, 2

$ fieldA="Apple Sample"
$ awk -F: -vOFS=", " -vt="$fieldA" 'BEGIN{n=split(t,words," ")}{flag=1; for(i=1;i<=n;i++)if($0 !~ words[i]){flag=0}; if(flag){ $3="$"$3;print}}' file.txt
Sample A - Apple, Sheryl, $500, 10, 10

$ fieldA="Sample bs"
$ awk -F: -vOFS=", " -vt="$fieldA" 'BEGIN{n=split(t,words," ")}{flag=1; for(i=1;i<=n;i++)if($0 !~ words[i]){flag=0}; if(flag){ $3="$"$3;print}}' file.txt
(no output)

Of course it can also be done using grep, something like:
$(grep Sample  | grep Apple | awk -F: '{ $3="$"$3;print}' OFS=", ") < file.txt
Sample A - Apple, Sheryl, $500, 10, 10

Note, hwoever, that you can get into trouble, if your search string is a substring, e.g. fieldA="Sample" and you have a line
someSamplestuff or:Other:50:50:50

since this will match.

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