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Old 07-27-2011
[ask]awk in csh to extract content from file

Please suggest a method (in c shell or any other shell) to implement following:

-To read file1.txt (sample file1 given below)
-To save name field in a variable <name>
-To save parameter field in a variable <parameter>
for ex. let a line in file1.txt be :

bill height weight

the extracted results can be checked as:
echo "$bill" # prints - bill
echo "$height" #prints - height
echo "$weight" #prints - weight

sample file1.txt

ani year month
sam time day
bill height weight

The idea is to enter the data in file1 as and when requiring and the script automatically extracting even the new line.
I guess it can be possible using "awk", but need HELP!

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or is it possible to do what i have asked in previous post?
please advice Smilie
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Old 07-27-2011
awk '{ a=$1;b=$2;c=$3 } END { print a , b , c}' input_file

Which ensure you wil get only the "last" line fields which i believe is the last added line.
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Old 07-27-2011
@panyam, thanks for the answer, but its not exactly what i am looking for.

what i want from all of it is to write a script to extract one element of each filed at a time and then save them in a variable of name same as the element extracted.

It is confusing, please check the example in my first post.

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Old 07-27-2011
bash-3.00$ cat test
abc efg
bash-3.00$ awk '{for(i=1;i<=NF;i++)printf("%s=%s\n",$i,$i)}' test > test.var && . test.var
bash-3.00$ echo $abc
bash-3.00$ echo $efg
bash-3.00$ echo $hij
bash-3.00$ echo $klm

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Old 07-27-2011
You can try this
set $bill=`cat file1.txt | tr " " "_" | cut -f1 -d_`
set $height=`cat file1.txt | tr " " "_" | cut -f2 -d_`
set $weight=`cat file1.txt | tr " " "_" | cut -f3 -d_`
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Old 07-27-2011
Something like this:

TestBox>for word in `cat input_file`
> do
> eval $word="$word"
> export $word
> done
echo $ani
echo $bill

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Old 07-28-2011
Your answer will work for a specific entries in file1, however i am expecting a generic method.
But still, thanks for your effort SmilieSmilie

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Thanks, your code works. I am trying to understand the logic behind your code.

can you explain the following points:

awk '{for(i=1;i<=NF;i++) printf("%s=%s\n",$i,$i)}' test > test.var && . test.var

Please explain what the test.var && . test.var signify?

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