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Old 07-26-2011
Hidden Characters in Regular Expression Matching Perl - Perl Newbie

I am completely new to perl programming. My father is helping me learn said programming language. However, I am stuck on one of the assignments he has given me, and I can't find very much help with it via google, either because I have a tiny attention span, or because I can be very very dense.

My problem is this:
I am attempting regular expression matching and replacement on a file that has a hidden character in the word I am trying to replace.

The character is ^A. It is in the word co^Amputer . It shows up multiple times, and all times has ^A in it.
My code is:
use strict;
my $rules ="/Users/caitlin/scripts/challenge.txt";

open my $FH,'<', $rules or die $!;

while  (my $line = <$FH>){
        $line =~ "s/computer/WINNER/g";
        print $line;

According to my father, who is not available right now, I should be able to match and replace with method of matching that I am already familiar with, but it evades me.

And I did searches to try and find ways to match it, but I received answers that did not seem to apply to the issue I am currently experiencing.

I would really appreciate some help Smilie

Thank you very much!
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Old 07-26-2011
First - you shouldn't use quotes around s/computer/WINNER/g. Second, perl allows use control chars in its strings and regexes like "\cA" for Ctrl-A.

I hope this information is enough for your assignment.

Good luck!
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Old 07-26-2011
Thank you very much! That did fix it! I'll keep this in mind for future reference! =D
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Old 07-26-2011
$line =~ "s/co\cAmputer/WINNER/g";

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Old 07-28-2011
Regular Expressions and Private Arrays

Okay! Thanks for the help with the previous code!

I'm stuck again on something else now though. ^_^;

I have to add the values of an array @save that has numbers in it.
#! usr/bin/perl
use strict;

my $rules ="/Users/caitlin/scripts/challenge2.txt";
open my $FH, '<', $rules or die $!;
my @numbers;
my @save;

while (my $line = <$FH>){
        @numbers = split(m/[^0-9]+/, $line);
        push (@save, @numbers);


print @save;

It's not done yet because I have to add all the intergers in the array. The challenge2.txt contains text and numbers that I had to split. The result has empty spaces in it.

I need to take each result from the loop and add the next result to it. And as stated before, I'm dense... Smilie My attempts at it haven't amounted to executable code.

Help would be very much appreciated!
Thank you! Smilie
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