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Old 07-25-2011
Creating delimiter file

HTML Code:
sysdate=`date +"%m/%d/%Y"`
systime=`date +%r`
ps_per=`lsps -s | nawk '{print $2+0}'|tail -1`   
ps_tot=`lsps -s | nawk '{print $1+0}'|tail -1`      
lcpu=`vmstat | nawk -F= '/lcpu/ {print $2+0}'`   
mem_tot=`vmstat | nawk -F= '/mem=/ {print $3+0}'`    
avm=`vmstat|awk '{print $3/256}'|tail -1`          

# starting sar collection for cpu usage
sar -P ALL -o $tmpFile  1 3
#CPU usage information
cpusage=`sar -f $tmpFile | grep -p Average | awk '{print $2,$3,$4,$5}'`
cpu_usr=`echo $cpusage | awk '{print $1}'`
cpu_sys=`echo $cpusage | awk '{print $2}'`
cpu_wio=`echo $cpusage | awk '{print $3}'`
cpu_idle=`echo $cpusage | awk '{print $4}'`
I will be running this script very often with cron and need to get a delimiter file for smooth data import to Excel.

A new line needs to be added under the column names (sysdate, systime, ps_per, etc) in horizontal.
HTML Code:
sysdate       systime          ps_per    etc
07/25/2011  03:08:25 PM       2         ....
07/25/2011  03:12:25 PM       1         ....
07/25/2011  03:16:25 PM       3         ....
Please advise.

Thank you so much
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Old 07-25-2011
What is wrong with:
echo $sysdate'|'$systime'|'$ps_per'|'...

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Old 07-26-2011
PHP Code:


=`date +"%m/%d/%Y"`
systime=`date +%r`
ps_per=`lsps -s | nawk '{print $2+0}'|tail -1`   
ps_tot=`lsps -s | nawk '{print $1+0}'|tail -1`      
lcpu=`vmstat | nawk -F= '/lcpu/ {print $2+0}'`   
mem_tot=`vmstat | nawk -F= '/mem=/ {print $3+0}'`    
avm=`vmstat|awk '{print $3/256}'|tail -1`          

# starting sar collection for cpu usage
sar -P ALL -o $tmpFile  1 3
#CPU usage information
cpusage=`sar -f $tmpFile | grep -p Average | awk '{print $2,$3,$4,$5}'`
cpu_usr=`echo $cpusage | awk '{print $1}'`
cpu_sys=`echo $cpusage | awk '{print $2}'`
cpu_wio=`echo $cpusage | awk '{print $3}'`
cpu_idle=`echo $cpusage | awk '{print $4}'`

echo `
$sysdate`|`$systime`|`$ps_per`|`$ps_tot`|`$lcpu`|`$mem_tot`|`$avm`|`$cpusage`|`$cpu_usr`|`$cpu_sys`|`$cpu_wio`|`$cpu_idle` >> $outputFile 
On the execution, I am getting errors.
PHP Code:
./[23]: 10:50:18:  not found.
./[23]: 1:  not found.
./[23]: 07/26/2011:  not found.
sysmon.shThere is no process to read data written to a pipe.
./[23]: 128000:  not found.
./[23]: 16:  not found.
./[23]: 63871:  not found.
./[23]: 47989:  not found.
./[23]: 13:  not found.
./[23]: 13:  not found.
./[23]: 2:  not found.
./[23]: 1:  not found.
./[23]: 84:  not found
Please advise.
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Old 07-26-2011
Why did you put backtick (`) in the "echo" command instead of the single quote (') that I recommended?
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Old 07-26-2011
If I put single quote (') instead of backtick (`), I am getting these errors.

Please advise.

PHP Code:
./[23]: $ps_per:  not found.
./[23]: $ps_tot:  not found.
./[23]: $lcpu:  not found.
./[23]: $mem_tot:  not found.
./[23]: $avm:  not found.
./[23]: $cpusage:  not found.
./[23]: $cpu_usr:  not found.
./[23]: $cpu_sys:  not found.
./[23]: $cpu_wio:  not found.
./[23]: $cpu_idle:  not found.
./[23]: $systime:  not found.
sysmon.shThere is no process to read data written to a pipe
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Old 07-26-2011
Please, post what your current code.

Pay close attention to what I suggested.
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Old 07-26-2011
Daniel, backquotes have a special meaning in shell scripting as does the pipe character '|' outside of a quotes that you're using. The backquotes execute commands on the same line as another command and then substitute their output in that spot for the original command. The pipe character tells a command to use its output for the input of the next command (i.e., redirect standard output to standard input in UNIX parlance).

ms:/u/campbelm>echo "I am $X"
I am whoami
ms:/u/campbelm>echo "I am `$X`"
I am campbelm

So in your code, you're trying to execute whatever is held in those variables -- meaning it's like you're running the literal line '$ps_per' on the command line like so:
-ksh93: $ps_per: not found.

So to fix the output, use double quotes around the entire line (don't use single quotes because they don't interpret the variables you assigned as varialbes, i.e., they're 'strong' quotes).

ms:/u/campbelm>echo "$X|$Y"
ms:/u/campbelm>echo '$X|$Y'

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