awk with multiple regex and substring

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Old 07-21-2011
awk with multiple regex and substring

Hi Experts,

I have a file on which i want to print the line which should match following criterias.

Line should not start with 0 or 9
Line should start with 1
576th character should not be 1 or 2
576-580 postion should not be NIPPF or CDIPB
576-581 postion should not be CDUSPF

I have written below code,but it is not displaying correct result though not giving any error. Please help me and thanks in advance.

/usr/bin/nawk '!/^[09]/ && /^1/ && ((substr($0,576,1) !~ "[12]")||(substr($0,576,5) !~ "NIPPF|CDIPB")||(substr($0,576,6) !~ "CDUSPF"))' a.txt >> result.txt

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Old 07-21-2011
Line should not start with 0 or 9
Line should start with 1

If you put the condition /^1/ it will take care of the above two conditions

provide some sample data and the output
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Old 07-21-2011
I am not worried for this part as i tested it is working fine.But the problem i am facing in below portion
 ((substr($0,576,1) !~ "[12]")||(substr($0,576,5) !~ "NIPPF|CDIPB")||(substr($0,576,6) !~ "CDUSPF"))

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I got the ans.

((substr($0,576,1) !~ "[12]")&&(substr($0,576,5) !~ "NIPPF|CDIPB")&&(substr($0,576,6) !~ "CDUSPF"))

During not operator it should be and not or.

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