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Old 07-20-2011
Question Debugging csh scripts!?

So I have to debug some csh scripts, which to me seems like the most painful task period.

So far I 'echo' in different places to get an idea of whats going on.
I also know the 'csh -x script' command, BUT what do I do when inside that script there is another scipt that is run (this apperently opens up another shell which isnt in the debug/print mode).

After I run a script to set up my env and path,etc. I need to run a command script that takes an argument. The way I am doing it does not give me a print out of what is going on. please please help!SmilieSmilie

what I do is:

csh -x

source loginscript.csh

commandscript 'drive:/some_directory/some_file.blah'

the last command is where I do not see the debug print outs. Does anyone know what I can do to debug that last 'commandscipt'???

it seems that I only get the print out when I source the scipt.
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