How to append something to a word using sed command

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Old 07-18-2011
How to append something to a word using sed command

How to append something to already existing word.
Suppose, I have the following line as a part of a file.

Now I want to change the value of the PROGRAM_NAME as SOME_PROGRAM_NAME_VERY_USEFUL.

That is, I want to append something to which is already existing using sed command.
This PROGRAM_NAME can be anywhere in that line, i.e., not in a specific field number.
And the value of the PROGRAM_NAME may vary depending on the server in which we are using.

Please help me in this...Smilie
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Old 07-18-2011
$ sed "s/PROGRAM_NAME=[^)]*/PROGRAM_NAME=put what you want here/" file

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Old 07-18-2011
Hi Scottn,
Thanks for ur very quick reply...
is the original value.
But What I want exactly is,
The original value should be as same as before. But also some more content should be appended to it. So for that I hope it should recognize the first ) after PROGRAM_NAME=... and then append _VERY_USEFUL to that before that first occurance of the ).
And the value of the PROGRAM_NAME may vary depending on the server in which we are using.
Hope you got my question now.

Also I want to make the changes permanent in the modifying file.
Please help me...
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Old 07-18-2011
Ah, sorry. Misread Smilie

$ sed "s/PROGRAM_NAME=[^)]*/&_put_what_you_want_here/" file

If you want to make it permanent, use sed -i if it's supported, otherwise write to a temporary file, and then copy the new file over the original.
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Old 07-18-2011
Ah....That's So nice of you..It worked for me... Smilie
Can you also help me how can I insert a variable value or a command output into that....
Say for example, i want to append the output of the `dnsdomainname` command to the PROGRAM_NAME.
When I am trying for this, the $ value if variable, or the command name itself is being reflecting there... Smilie
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Old 07-18-2011
Would this not do?
sed "s/PROGRAM_NAME=[^)]*/&_$(dnsdomainname)/" file

(although, if I understand what you want, you already answered the question with `dnsdomainname`, but I prefer the $(...) notation over the back-quotes!)
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Old 07-26-2011
The above thing is not working for me... Smilie
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