Running Oracle SQL from shell script

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Old 07-17-2011
Running Oracle SQL from shell script

Hi, can anyone help me with this script please. I need the oracle command to go into the unix batch file.
# A menu driven Shell script which has following options
# for acmtoron@>
# Exit
# As per option do the job
while :
 echo "1. Admin Server Log"
 echo "2. Nohup.out"
 echo "3. System Log"
 echo "4. Alert Log"
 echo "5. Disk Free (kb)"
 echo "6. Disk Free (mounted files)"
 echo "7. Disk Space"    echo "8. Swap Info"
  echo "9. Push Jobs"
 echo "0. Exit"
 echo -n "Please enter option [0 - 9]"
 read opt
 case $opt in 
 1) echo "*********Admin Server (TOR)*********";
    tail -f /opt/bea/SPERogers/SPEDomain/servers/AdminServer/logs/AdminServer.log
 2) echo "*********Nohup.out (TOR)*********"
    tail -f /opt/bea/SPERogers/SPEDomain/nohup.out
 3) echo "*********System Log (TOR)*********"
    cat /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log
 4) echo "*********Alert Log (TOR)*********"
    tail -f /data/oracle10/admin/torosped/bdump/alert_torosped.log
 5) echo "*********Disk Free in Kilobytes*********"
    df - b
 6)echo "*********Disk Free (mounted files)*********"
    df  -g
 7) echo "*********Disk space*********"
 8) echo "*********Swap Info*********"
 9) echo "*********Push Jobs*********"
 > su - oracle10
 >sqlplus / as sysdba
  0) echo "*********Logout*********"
    exit 1;;
 *) echo "$opt is an invalid option. Please select option between 0-8 only";
    echo "Press [enter] key to continue. . .";
     read enterKey;;

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