Multiple tail -f commands

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Multiple tail -f commands

I need to execute a program which will generate some alarms. I wish to capture those alarms in a single output file.

I executed with following command on linux:
tail -f test1.alarms -f test2.alarms|awk 'NR>20' >> output

But however when I tried to execute same on solaris platforms it fails. Also on solaris i need to execute commands in nohup so that they keep running as background processes even when i close the putty session.

Please share if anybody knows an alternative solution to this.
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Did you apply the command nohup in the linux as well ??
I am not getting anything if I add nohup to the given command even in linux.

May be you can refer to the below link for the justification why nohup is not working .
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Thanks for you input.

Firstly, on solaris command fails as it does not support multiple tail -f

Secondly, the solution provided in the link does not work because whenever I exit the putty session tail execution stops. However, my requirement is that it should continue executing in the background even if a exits a session till i kill its process id. Also solaris was not able identify disown command in that case.
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